The Carbon Kit for other designs & shapes, aren’t supplied with precut foam but it include: 

1.The carbon platform. Designed to give extra stiffness to the hull of your boat, enhancing hull-reactivity when boofing big drops, surfing and bouncing on big waves and giving extra precision and speed to your hole moves. Furthermore, the carbon platform allows the attachment the pressurized foam seat to the hull of the boat.

2. The pressurized foam seat. The foam seat, made of reused pieces of foam and compacted by a handmade high temperature press is attached to the carbon platform via Velcro patches. The system makes adjusting your seat easier than it had ever been before, taking no more than 5 seconds.

3. x2 Foam blocks of 80x40x1cm, density 33kg/m3, to be attached under de carbon platform in order to adapt the hull of the boat to the shape of the carbon platform.

4. x2 Foam blocks of 80x40x7cm, to be cut into the central pillars and the rest of foam elements required for the assemblage of the kit. Such blocks are built in layers of varying density, making for very rigid, yet ultralight outfitting. The weight of such foam is half of the normal “american foam” used in most kayak designs.

5. High quality sprayable contact glue required to assemble the kit.


This kit can be used in any shape featuring a binding point build into the cockpit, like those displayed in the following pictures...

Some of the brands that are compatible with the carbon kit are: Waka, Zet, Dagger, Jackson…

DIY video showing you how to assable the Carbon Kit to your own kayak:

The kit is also available without the foam intended to build the central pillars:


The Waka designs are already equipped with central foam pillars you can use as part of the Carbon Kit. This will save you 50€.

However be mindful! The foam used for the central foam pillars of the Waka designs is of standard fabrication. You will end up with a boat 0,5kg heavier than you would using the multidensity layered foam offered as part of the standard Carbon Kit.

If you need any others information: